ABC’s Opening Discs

Our first 6 discs consist of 3 drivers, 2 mid-range, and a putter. We will be in a position to fill your bag with plastic from the beginning. Check out our latest ad.

The MissionMid-range

This will be one of the most important discs in your bag–perfect for mid-range shots and longer-approach shots. Everyone looking to improve their game must be on a mission to leave themselves with the shortest putts possible.

Gamma RayStraight flyer

Holding its line as you throw, yet remaining stable at the end of the flight path, this disc is perfect for keeping you on the fairways where it’s essential that you stay out of trouble.

Money - Putter

The only way to make money on the tour is to have a quality putting disc. No other disc will take as many strokes off your game as the Money. Money is also great for approach shots.

Secret WeaponUnderstable driver

Perfect for those left to right shots and carving your way through the woods, give an understable disc some hyzer and watch it come up straight. The Secret Weapon is a must for the beginning golfer.

Flying Squirrel- Understable Mid-range

One of the easiest discs to throw. Give the disc some hyzer with a three-quarter throw and it will glide wonderfully!

SCREAMER - Ultra long range driver
Our most stable driver, we expect this disc to fly farther than any other disc on the market. Perfect for those extra long holes where distance off the tee is a must. Great for helping any player throw farther!