ABC DISCS Lions Club Fundraiser Event

ABC Discs presents the Lion’s Club Fundraiser
Sunday September 9, 2012
Kirkland, IL at Pioneer Park
2 rounds of 20 Holes
Registration from 8 to 9:30
Players Meeting @ 9:45
Tee Off @ 10 AM
All Pro Divisions: $50.00 Advanced $35.00 Intermediate$30.00 Novice $25.00 Recreational $20.00
Trophy only in any division $15.00
PDGA C-Tier event. Must be a PDGA member or pay $10.00 fee paid directly to the PDGA.
$5.00 ACE and 50/50 CTP Hole.
Lions Club will have lunch for a small fee. Hope to see you out there!

Gamma and Bee Line almost ready!

We are finally about to have our first 2 wide rimmed discs! The Bee
Line and Gamma Ray will be overnighted to Jeff Homburg today and will
be (pending approval) available for play this weekend!

The retooled Gamma has a very long flight path and will be stable at
the end on its flight. After many revisions and temporary defeats, we
have it. This disc is much longer than the other Gamma. As many of you
know, the old Gamma was just too stable. Although many players,
including several members of Team ABC, loved the old Gamma it was
wrong to market a stable disc as a straight driver. The old model will
be kept and renamed! Thanks for your patience and understanding on
this one.

Our second wide rimmed disc to fly onto the scene will be The Bee
Line! This disc is awesome! It is a very long range understable
driver. It will turn for you and not burn on you. Having thrown it
some, it has a very unique flight path. Thrown fast and high, it turns
and shoots after about 100-150 feet. Once it begins to lose its
rotation, it hyzers back wonderfully! I can not wait to use it this
weekend (pending approval).

Both of these discs were thrown at the tournament in Cedar Lake
Indiana this past weekend. Players were stoked with the flight path of
each disc. These discs are very slim in profile. They will be
available in our Gold plastic. We hope to have mass production going
within a week or two!

You all have a most terrific day! Practice your putting now!

Dan Pastore


Name that Disc Contest Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of the “Name that Disc” contest.
The winners are: John Synco, Chuck Kennedy, Jonah Nelson, James
Collins, and Lyle Fisher. Each one of these will receive 10 discs when
they are finalized. The molds are being cut as we speak. We hope to
have production started in a few weeks.

And just what was the winning name? The name of our next long range
driver will be THE BEE LINE.

I would like to thank all those whom responded. There were so many
names to choose from. Many of you should start you own disc golf
companies. You have the names! We will be announcing one more winner
in the next few weeks. Still a bit on the fence on a second name.

Thanks once more. Think Spring!

Dan Pastore


Pro Worlds Disc Rollout!

ABC Discs is proud to announce the roll out of 5 of our discs as the
2010 Professional World Championships in Cedar Lake Indiana.  We
certainly had anticipated having discs long prior to this date.   Our
complete commitment to high quality discs stalled the initial
offering.  Sometimes the Divine has other plans for us.  That being
said, what a blessing to have the discs ready for such a historical

Our Money putter has been available for some time.  We must thank
Marshall Street, Phenix Disc Sports, Discs-n-Dat, Discs Unlimited,
Lifetime Disc Sports, Gotta Go Gotta Throw, Brian Cummings, Gary
Lewis, Paper of Plastic Disc Sports, and others for having them
available.  We are nearly out of our first run of Money putters.
Production will begin on Monday with our second run.

The Secret Weapon, Mission, Gamma Ray, and Flying Squirrel will be
available at the Flymart on Tuesday at the Worlds.  Dealers will get
the remaining discs.  Mass production will be begin near the end of
next week.  Phenix Disc Sports has Secret Weapons available.

We certainly appreciate your patience as we have fulfilled our promise
to release nothing but top notch discs.  We have incurred tens of
thousands of additional costs, however, we know doing this right will
allow us to be one of the best disc golf manufacturers in the

Be of good cheer, ABC Discs are near! Enjoy your day.  See you at the
Worlds.  Finally, practice your putting!

Dan Pastore


Flying Squirrel and Secret Weapon PDGA Approved

We are happy to announce the approval of the Secret Weapon and the
Flying Squirrel. Both of these discs will be available in the next
week or two as mass production of our discs has begun.

The Secret Weapon will be the perfect understable driver. The disc
stands up after giving it some hyzer and just takes off. It will hold
its line. It is perfect for rolling. We are so excited that the disc
can be used in tournament play.

The Flying Squirrel is the easiest disc I have ever thrown in all my
years of playing. The disc will effortlessly go 250 feet by giving it
some hyzer with a 3/4 throw. This may be the best gliding mid range
disc ever. My son Danny #41971 used it to perfection at the Milwaukee
open on Sunday.

We are so appreciative of the support we have received over the past
year. We have never wavered on our commitment to quality. The buzz is
growing. The discs are getting out to dealers. Hope to see them
shaving off shots from your rounds soon!

Enjoy your day. Practice your putting!

Dan Pastore


Money almost there!

Here we are on the cusp of releasing out first disc to the public.  We have figured out the problem with the hot stamping process.  It took a while.  That has been the ongoing theme.  Like a fine wine…..  yeah it takes time.  And once again as we thought finally, another issue.  We are releasing the “first run” of our Money putter in our company colors of blue, yellow and red.  I personally stamped the “first run” stamp on all the yellow discs last Friday.  Today the red run was to be stamped.  They were not as the run of red Money putters did not pass the QC test.  Of 880 in the run of red, only 37 passed.  Our plastic injection mold company was as disappointed as we were.  They will rerun the red Money putters.  As we have stated dozens of times, quality will not be compromised.

Hopefully some who you who have  faithfully been visiting our sight and been reading our blogs learned some valualbe life lessons.  Stumbling blocks will occur in everything you do.  Unexpected troubles will spring up at which time many individuals will quit.  I truly hope a lesson in persistence has been learned.  If there were only two books I could recommend as a must read, the first would be the Bible.  Above and beyond the religious value it is the greatest “how to do” book ever written.  The second bood would be “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  The lessons in this book, if you use the book and do not just read it, will change your life.  The chapter on persistence has been instrumental in getting through all the challanges when most would say goodbye, enough.  All your wonderful emails and phone calls have seem to come at the perfect time.  Even the negative comments have motivated me.  We’ll call it inspirational dissatisfaction.

Hope to see the Money putters in your hands soon.  Please to try them and the rest of our line.  You will not be disappointed.  Enjoy your day.  Practice your putting!


Dan Pastore


Money and Gamma Ray PDGA Approved

(This was sent to those on the newsletter list on April 3.  Please join the newsletter list.  It is free and the first place news is sent.  Thanks.  Practice your putting!)

ABC Discs is pleased to announce the approval of both our putter, the Money, and our straight driver, the Gamma Ray.  We received email confirmation this morning that both have passed the approval process.  After many up and downs, overcoming challenges, dogged determination to make the finest discs, we have achieved a major step.

Our Screamer and a new discs, the Flying Squirrel, should be approved within a week or so.  The Screamer is super fast and quite stable.  It is terrific into the wind.  Our Flying Squirrel was actually meant to be our Mission.  The first run came up much lighter than we desired; however, the disc had a sweet flight path.  Daniel Pastore Jr. #41971 really liked the disc and desired that it stay.  After playing a bunch of catch with this disc, it was determined that this disc should remain in existence.  Now we will have 6 discs.  Give the Flying Squirrel some hyzer with a 3/4 throw and it will stand up quite nicely.  The Mission will still be made. 

We will continue to bring you updates as they happen.  We are so close now.  production should begin next week with release dates to follow.  You will love our plastic.

Thanks again for all the support.  Enjoy your weekend and please practice your putting!

Dan Pastore Sr.


It’s been a while!

(Note that this blog was sent out to those on the newsletter list about 2 weeks ago.  We needed to get this on the web site.  There will be several more blogs listed soon with the breaking updates and news on past experiences.  Thanks!)

It’s been a while!

It has certainly been quite a while since we have sent out a blog.  We ran into several problems with the tool (mold), plastics and other situations that proved challenging.  We lost over 2 months time to these situations, but never lost hope and remained positive through out.  One thing we did not want to do is to continue to say we were close and then have you wait another couple of months until we got closer.  It is similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Well ABC Discs is happy to announce and cry discs!!!

We have done many things to promote not only ABC Discs but disc golf in general.  We have given away over 2000 mini discs.  We have committed over 2 thousand dollars to pro purses.  We have given away over 200 proto discs.  All this and we still have sold only a few of our discs!   ABC Discs believes the only way to make it out there is to give before you receive.

Now the question you must have it when discs will be available.  Although we do not have a date, it should be within a month.  Three of the discs are very close.  The Money should be the first one out.  We have been working on getting the weight of the plastic correct. Our second disc should be the Gamma Ray.  We had a very unique and pleasurable surprise with the Gamma Ray.  The Gamma Ray had been retooled several times.  It was getting closer to what we want in disc golf flight.  Then, last week for the first time we ran the Secret Weapon.  To our surprise and delight, it flew just as the Gamma Ray should.  Consequently, we are going to rename the Secret Weapon to the Gamma Ray and turn the Gamma Ray mold into our turnover Secret Weapon model. Our third disc almost ready is the Screamer.  We have a nice and stable long flying disc here.  We have to get the leading edge a bit larger as it will not pass the PDGA specifications as it stands right now.  The Mission and the Secret Weapon will be out soon after.

I would once again like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have supported this venture.  Without all the wonderful support, we would never be where we are today.

We will make top quality discs.  We will keep this as our main goal regardless of cost or timeliness of release.

Enjoy your spring and of course, practice your putting!

Dan Pastore

Happy New Year to All!!!

ABC Discs at 2010!

We are so fortunate to be in such a nice situation going into 2010.  We have a great team assembled.  We are really onto something with this plastic.  We are gaining support everyday!  We continue to overcome difficulties.  Things are looking great!

Becoming a disc golf manufacture means you have to rely on others expertise.  It all starts out with a mold maker and we have a tremendous team there.  Roy and Steve have inspired me during the challenging times.  Bruce and his team of Michael and James are committed to manufacturing the finest discs ever.  Our graphic designer is a creative freak and has been patient throughout all my revisions.  Chris loves seeing his art on the discs.  Additionally, there have been attorneys, box companies, tournaments directors and others whom are responsible for the threshold of success.

The plastic has been a key element for us!  Our driver plastic is incredible.  We could not be more excited about it.  It takes a back seat to no one!  It is feels great in the hand is nearly indestructible.  Our plastic for the mid range and the putter is firm yet grippy.  The reviews have been positive.  We can’t wait to get these into your hands!

The outpouring of support has kept us going throughout all the difficult times.  The positive support machine continues to roll on!  The owner of the company really loves this game and the fellowship that comes along with being a long time participant.  This support and the growing number of individuals that have given supportive emails and phone calls continue to grow.  We will not let you down!

Enjoy your 2010.  Write down your plans and commit yourselves to them.  And of course, practice your putting!


The ABC Discs team!

ABC Discs Credited for efforts at Cold Turkey IV

ABC Discs was hoping to have discs available for the Cold Turkey tournament in Milwaukee on the last Saturday in November.  This could not happen.  The discs will be released when they are right.  We were able to provide a nice players package for all the players including the pro players.  The positive response from all the players inspired us.  It was a great tournament.  We got some nice publicity on the PDGA web site.  Go to and click on the Cold Turkey IV.  Thanks for the nice word!

Terry Miller from Lifetime Disc Sports ran a great event. This tournament was filled by Wednesday with all players preregistered.  Over 20 players were turned away.  Thanks Terry for a great tournament and your support with ABC Discs.

The continued help of the entire disc golf community will be essential for our success.  We have and will continue to give back to the best sport on earth!  Have a great day.  Practice your putting!