Letter From The Owner

Thanks for visiting ABC Discs. I’ll give you a bit of insight into our company, the reason we have opened for business, a quick glance at our opening discs and our plans for the future. We hope you can be a part of our plans!

ABC Discs, Inc. has been established to bring to the public the finest in disc golf equipment. I have been a disc golfer since July of 1986, all the while loving the game and the people who play it. Although I may never be a top-rated pro player, playing disc golf tournaments gives me great pleasure, fulfilling my competitive, athletic and social needs. Although all these needs have been met, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Owning and marketing a disc golf company will finally bring an end to the career search I never quite decided upon.

ABC Discs intends to further bring the sport of disc golf to the world. Many companies have come before us and have done a wonderful job creating and distributing disc golf equipment. We are grateful for all their work and efforts. At this point, more companies will be needed to fulfill the growing needs of our sport. We are enjoying the largest explosion in history in both courses and players and we need more distributors and marketers. ABC Discs will help satisfy this growing need!

We intend to open with five discs. We will have three drivers, a midrange, and a putter. Our first discs to hit the market will be a very long range driver. It will be closely followed by a straight driver and a turnover driver. Our midrange disc will serve as the catalyst for short putts. Our putter will give all the score-shaving opportunity we need. Names of our discs will be out soon.

We very much look forward to being an integral part of the expansion of the finest sport ever played. We have set goals intended for both the professional and recreational player. We want every boy and girl, man and woman throughout the globe to have the opportunity to try disc golf. We intend for the professional players to finally stop playing for each other’s money, enabling them to actually make a career out of playing this fine sport.

Thanks again for your interest in ABC Discs. We look forward to providing you with the finest in disc golf equipment.

Have a great day! Practice your putting!


Dan Pastore #4320