We are finally about to have our first 2 wide rimmed discs! The Bee
Line and Gamma Ray will be overnighted to Jeff Homburg today and will
be (pending approval) available for play this weekend!

The retooled Gamma has a very long flight path and will be stable at
the end on its flight. After many revisions and temporary defeats, we
have it. This disc is much longer than the other Gamma. As many of you
know, the old Gamma was just too stable. Although many players,
including several members of Team ABC, loved the old Gamma it was
wrong to market a stable disc as a straight driver. The old model will
be kept and renamed! Thanks for your patience and understanding on
this one.

Our second wide rimmed disc to fly onto the scene will be The Bee
Line! This disc is awesome! It is a very long range understable
driver. It will turn for you and not burn on you. Having thrown it
some, it has a very unique flight path. Thrown fast and high, it turns
and shoots after about 100-150 feet. Once it begins to lose its
rotation, it hyzers back wonderfully! I can not wait to use it this
weekend (pending approval).

Both of these discs were thrown at the tournament in Cedar Lake
Indiana this past weekend. Players were stoked with the flight path of
each disc. These discs are very slim in profile. They will be
available in our Gold plastic. We hope to have mass production going
within a week or two!

You all have a most terrific day! Practice your putting now!

Dan Pastore