ABC Discs is proud to announce the roll out of 5 of our discs as the
2010 Professional World Championships in Cedar Lake Indiana.  We
certainly had anticipated having discs long prior to this date.   Our
complete commitment to high quality discs stalled the initial
offering.  Sometimes the Divine has other plans for us.  That being
said, what a blessing to have the discs ready for such a historical

Our Money putter has been available for some time.  We must thank
Marshall Street, Phenix Disc Sports, Discs-n-Dat, Discs Unlimited,
Lifetime Disc Sports, Gotta Go Gotta Throw, Brian Cummings, Gary
Lewis, Paper of Plastic Disc Sports, and others for having them
available.  We are nearly out of our first run of Money putters.
Production will begin on Monday with our second run.

The Secret Weapon, Mission, Gamma Ray, and Flying Squirrel will be
available at the Flymart on Tuesday at the Worlds.  Dealers will get
the remaining discs.  Mass production will be begin near the end of
next week.  Phenix Disc Sports has Secret Weapons available.

We certainly appreciate your patience as we have fulfilled our promise
to release nothing but top notch discs.  We have incurred tens of
thousands of additional costs, however, we know doing this right will
allow us to be one of the best disc golf manufacturers in the

Be of good cheer, ABC Discs are near! Enjoy your day.  See you at the
Worlds.  Finally, practice your putting!

Dan Pastore