We are happy to announce the approval of the Secret Weapon and the
Flying Squirrel. Both of these discs will be available in the next
week or two as mass production of our discs has begun.

The Secret Weapon will be the perfect understable driver. The disc
stands up after giving it some hyzer and just takes off. It will hold
its line. It is perfect for rolling. We are so excited that the disc
can be used in tournament play.

The Flying Squirrel is the easiest disc I have ever thrown in all my
years of playing. The disc will effortlessly go 250 feet by giving it
some hyzer with a 3/4 throw. This may be the best gliding mid range
disc ever. My son Danny #41971 used it to perfection at the Milwaukee
open on Sunday.

We are so appreciative of the support we have received over the past
year. We have never wavered on our commitment to quality. The buzz is
growing. The discs are getting out to dealers. Hope to see them
shaving off shots from your rounds soon!

Enjoy your day. Practice your putting!

Dan Pastore