Money almost there!

Here we are on the cusp of releasing out first disc to the public.  We have figured out the problem with the hot stamping process.  It took a while.  That has been the ongoing theme.  Like a fine wine…..  yeah it takes time.  And once again as we thought finally, another issue.  We are releasing the “first run” of our Money putter in our company colors of blue, yellow and red.  I personally stamped the “first run” stamp on all the yellow discs last Friday.  Today the red run was to be stamped.  They were not as the run of red Money putters did not pass the QC test.  Of 880 in the run of red, only 37 passed.  Our plastic injection mold company was as disappointed as we were.  They will rerun the red Money putters.  As we have stated dozens of times, quality will not be compromised.

Hopefully some who you who have  faithfully been visiting our sight and been reading our blogs learned some valualbe life lessons.  Stumbling blocks will occur in everything you do.  Unexpected troubles will spring up at which time many individuals will quit.  I truly hope a lesson in persistence has been learned.  If there were only two books I could recommend as a must read, the first would be the Bible.  Above and beyond the religious value it is the greatest “how to do” book ever written.  The second bood would be “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  The lessons in this book, if you use the book and do not just read it, will change your life.  The chapter on persistence has been instrumental in getting through all the challanges when most would say goodbye, enough.  All your wonderful emails and phone calls have seem to come at the perfect time.  Even the negative comments have motivated me.  We’ll call it inspirational dissatisfaction.

Hope to see the Money putters in your hands soon.  Please to try them and the rest of our line.  You will not be disappointed.  Enjoy your day.  Practice your putting!


Dan Pastore


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