It’s been a while!

(Note that this blog was sent out to those on the newsletter list about 2 weeks ago.  We needed to get this on the web site.  There will be several more blogs listed soon with the breaking updates and news on past experiences.  Thanks!)

It’s been a while!

It has certainly been quite a while since we have sent out a blog.  We ran into several problems with the tool (mold), plastics and other situations that proved challenging.  We lost over 2 months time to these situations, but never lost hope and remained positive through out.  One thing we did not want to do is to continue to say we were close and then have you wait another couple of months until we got closer.  It is similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Well ABC Discs is happy to announce and cry discs!!!

We have done many things to promote not only ABC Discs but disc golf in general.  We have given away over 2000 mini discs.  We have committed over 2 thousand dollars to pro purses.  We have given away over 200 proto discs.  All this and we still have sold only a few of our discs!   ABC Discs believes the only way to make it out there is to give before you receive.

Now the question you must have it when discs will be available.  Although we do not have a date, it should be within a month.  Three of the discs are very close.  The Money should be the first one out.  We have been working on getting the weight of the plastic correct. Our second disc should be the Gamma Ray.  We had a very unique and pleasurable surprise with the Gamma Ray.  The Gamma Ray had been retooled several times.  It was getting closer to what we want in disc golf flight.  Then, last week for the first time we ran the Secret Weapon.  To our surprise and delight, it flew just as the Gamma Ray should.  Consequently, we are going to rename the Secret Weapon to the Gamma Ray and turn the Gamma Ray mold into our turnover Secret Weapon model. Our third disc almost ready is the Screamer.  We have a nice and stable long flying disc here.  We have to get the leading edge a bit larger as it will not pass the PDGA specifications as it stands right now.  The Mission and the Secret Weapon will be out soon after.

I would once again like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have supported this venture.  Without all the wonderful support, we would never be where we are today.

We will make top quality discs.  We will keep this as our main goal regardless of cost or timeliness of release.

Enjoy your spring and of course, practice your putting!

Dan Pastore

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