Happy New Year to All!!!

ABC Discs at 2010!

We are so fortunate to be in such a nice situation going into 2010.  We have a great team assembled.  We are really onto something with this plastic.  We are gaining support everyday!  We continue to overcome difficulties.  Things are looking great!

Becoming a disc golf manufacture means you have to rely on others expertise.  It all starts out with a mold maker and we have a tremendous team there.  Roy and Steve have inspired me during the challenging times.  Bruce and his team of Michael and James are committed to manufacturing the finest discs ever.  Our graphic designer is a creative freak and has been patient throughout all my revisions.  Chris loves seeing his art on the discs.  Additionally, there have been attorneys, box companies, tournaments directors and others whom are responsible for the threshold of success.

The plastic has been a key element for us!  Our driver plastic is incredible.  We could not be more excited about it.  It takes a back seat to no one!  It is feels great in the hand is nearly indestructible.  Our plastic for the mid range and the putter is firm yet grippy.  The reviews have been positive.  We can’t wait to get these into your hands!

The outpouring of support has kept us going throughout all the difficult times.  The positive support machine continues to roll on!  The owner of the company really loves this game and the fellowship that comes along with being a long time participant.  This support and the growing number of individuals that have given supportive emails and phone calls continue to grow.  We will not let you down!

Enjoy your 2010.  Write down your plans and commit yourselves to them.  And of course, practice your putting!


The ABC Discs team!

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