It’s Getting Close to Quality Discs!

It’s getting close!

The time for ABC Discs is drawing near.  We are getting very close to having product.  All the molds are done.  We are working on the correct blends of plastic.  From there we may have to tweak things a bit.  We desire to bring you nothing but the finest discs.  Additionally, we must have discs that are PDGA approved.

The building of ABC has been a fabulous journey.  As with all journeys, there has been up and downs along the way.  We have remained persistent and positive throughout.  There has been hiring’s and firings, positive feedback and negative feedback, compliments and complaints, and lots of encouragement.  We have never stopped pushing for the prize of 5 top quality discs.  Never lose sight of your dreams and goals.  We have not.  The persistency has paid off.

We have committed to a tournament on November 15 at Oxbow Park in Goshen Indiana.  This is going to be our roll out of the discs.  We intend to have discs on this date.  There may yet be stumbling blocks in the way.  Regardless of any such trouble, ABC Discs is committed to sweetening the Pro purse and providing a players package to the ams.  In case we are not able to have quality product by this date, there are back up plans.  We will be a huge part in this tournament.

Our website has been revamped.  We have been careful in the amount of information that we put up as plans and directions have changed without notice.  We certainly did not want to put up any information that we could not follow through on.  We did that once with stating that the discs would be ready by the end of October.  That most certainly was our goal.  We strived to attain this goal.  It will not happen.  Moving forward, we are now confident that things will go as planned.  Please check back to this web site often to see where things are and to attain the first discs we produce.

ABC Discs has assembled a first class team dedicated to the long term advancement of discs golf.  I would like to thank the entire team for their efforts and encouragement.  You will not be disappointed with our product.

Finally, I would like to thank all the feedback we have received from the disc golf community.  All the feedback has assisted us with our plans moving forward.  For all those that have signed up for the newsletter, you will be the first to receive breaking news as well as first crack at new discs.  We value all of you and look forward providing you the finest in disc golf equipment!

Dan Pastore


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